Pâtes et Papiers

  • Mecfab conçoit, fabrique et installe des équipements
    destinés à l'industrie des pâtes et papiers
    Nous possèdons les connaissances et les équipements nécessaires à la conception
    la fabrication et l'installation de sections complètes de machines pour la partie humide des machines à papier.
  • Nos vastes connaissances en fabrication
    ont été mises à profit dans plusieurs papetières
    à travers l'amérique du nord
  • Nous préconisons une méthode travail visant
    à favoriser un partenariat entre notre équipe d'experts
    et nos clients
  • Fort de plusieurs années d'expérience
    et d'un savoir-faire reconnu par toute l'industrie
    Nous possédons les compétences requises pour offrir des produits et services
    qui comptent parmi les plus perfectionnés de l'industrie
Réalisations - Composantes machines
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Banque de tubes

The tube bundle (or tube bank) delivers the stock to the headbox. It is bolted between the headbox and the tapered header. Each manifold is designed and sized according to the specific mill production requirements.

The MECFAB tube bundle is made of stainless steel 316L with an internal finish of 12-14 microinches.

Distributeur conique

The header is the piece of equipment that feeds the stock to the headbox. The MECFAB standard header is tapered in order to ensure a uniform stock pressure across the width of the headbox therefore providing an equal pressure in each tube. Regulating the recirculation flow controls the pressure balance.

Our inlet header is made of stainless steel 316L. It can be supplied with S/S organ pipes and hardware, an inspection hole, a balancing line for stabilization and required supports.

Joues d'étanchéité

Cheek pieces help to define the effective width of the sheet at the jet discharge. They also act as a seal between the headbox and the wire, ensuring no stock can exit at the front or back of the machine.

Cheek pieces can be equipped with edge bleeds. Due to the friction of the stock circulating on the interior surfaces of the pondsides, stock velocity is reduced. The result is a sheet with lower basis weight (grammage) on each side. To compensate, edge bleeds are incorporated in the cheek pieces so that a small portion of the flow on each side is drawn off, thus improving flow circulation from the center of the machine to the sides.

Cheek Pieces technical sheet

Lèvres de profil

Lèvres de profil The slice lip plays an important role in sheet formation (profiling) and stock deflocculation. Its finish and straightness are vital to the overall performance of the unit. Mecfab manufactures new slice lips and also refurbishes existing ones.

We manufacture slice lips of any shape and for any type of paper machine, in lengths of up to 40 feet. Slice lips can be supplied with end seals (for ease of adjustment) and saw cuts for increased flexibility.

Slice Lip technical sheet

Lèvres de tablier

The apron lip plays an important role in sheet formation. Its finish and straightness are vital to the overall performance of the unit. Mecfab manufactures new apron lips and also refurbishes existing ones. We manufacture apron lips of any shape and for any type of paper machine, in lengths of up to 40 feet.

Product advantages and benefits

Apron Lip Weldment technical sheet

Mécanisme d'ajustement du profil

Mecfab offers alternative ways of adjusting the profile at the headbox

Mur avant

Located at the top section of the converging area, it extends across the entire width of the headbox and can be adjusted to regulate the flow of stock onto the wire, and thereby control the thickness of the sheet of paper produced. The MECFAB slice body is made of stainless steel 316L.

Mur latéral

The MECFAB pondsides are properly designed to allow the use of new or existing headbox components. They are provided with precision machined openings at the proper locations for the rectifier rolls and with inspection ports. All surfaces in contact with the paper stock is polished to a 3 to 6 micro-inch finish and the exterior to a glass bead finish.

Our pondsides are made of solid S/S, 316L or 317L and can be supplied with seals and hardware, journals, bearings assemblies, eccentrics for rectifier rolls, cheek pieces and actuators. Our team can also refurbish your existing pondsides at your mill during a shutdown. On-site reconditioning includes:

Réducteur à vis

Réducteur à vis Actuators are used in the paper making process principally to achieve slice control and to compensate for thermal changes and formation problems. Mecfab Inc. can supply its customers with actuators of different manufacturers, such as:

Rouleau perforé

Rectifier rolls are used in air pad headboxes (also called roll headboxes). The main purpose of the rolls is to even the flow in the headbox and ultimately at the slice. The rolls also play a major part in the deflocculation of the stock by micro-turbulence generation. The design and positioning of the slice roll in the headbox is critical to the optimization of the nozzle length. Mecfab can manufacture new rolls, to any size and configuration, as well as refurbish and modify existing ones. Our workmanship and experience allow us to provide rolls with high-quality finishes with minimum run-out.

Rectifier Roll technical sheet

Tuyauterie d´approche

Approach piping provides a stable hydraulic supply to the headbox. Its proper design and quality are vital to the overall performance of the paper machine.

Mecfab has unparalleled experience in designing and manufacturing approach piping assemblies for the papermaking industry. We provide assemblies with highly polished interior surfaces and high-quality metal-to-metal flanges that eliminate the possible formation of stock hang-ups. Our designs also limit air entrapment in the piping, which results in dirt or slime build-up.

Approach Piping technical sheet

Valve de contrôle de bout (orientation de la fibre)

Due to the friction and surface tension of the stock circulating on the interior surface of the ponsides, stock velocity is locally reduced resulting in a sheet with lowered basis weight on each side. To compensate, edge control valves can be installed. By doing so, additional stock is injected on each side to increase the pressure at both edges of the headbox. With the combined effects of the edge control valves and the slice lip, basis weight can be adjusted to the desired value.

Edge Control Valve technical sheet


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