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  • Mecfab design, build and install equipments
    for the paper and pulp industry
    Mecfab has the expertise and equipments required to design
    machine, assemble and install a complete section in the wet end of the machine
  • Mecfab's mission is to become a prosperous company
    by the increase of the industrial productivity
    of its customers in the pulp and paper industry.
  • We believe in complete partnership between
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  • We excel at coming up with unique approaches
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    and tight deadlines
Achievements - Integrated solutions
Tissue machine

Fourdrinier machine

The oldest tissue machines are fourdrinier machines, on which water is removed from the web simply by gravity and suction drainage. There are still some of these machines running today.

Mecfab fabricated a completely new fourdrinier machine for corrugated medium paper. The machine consisted in an air pad headbox with two rectifier rolls and a “C” frame type fourdrinier.


Suction breast roll

Mecfab has over 20 years of experience in designing and fabricating suction breast roll forming. In a section breast roll machine, water is forced out of the web in the space between the top of the headbox and the wire. Water removal is controlled by suction. This type of machine was dominant up until the 1970s. Mecfab did supply many new wet end equipments for the largest tissue mill.

The Mecfab headboxes have an hydraulic design with very accurate throat and slice lip roof adjustment. The Mecfab fourdrinier is an inclined cantilever either “C” frame of front lift, for ease of wire change. Inclined gives a very compact design and we can use bigger suction breast roll diameter for high speed, up to 4,000 F.P.M..

This type of wet end can be used for light weight grades and also for multi-layer application.


Twin wire

The Twin Wire machine, in which the stock is sprayed from the headbox in between two wires, provides more effective dewatering. Many of the tissue machines currently in operation are twin-wire machines. Although there are differences between different manufacturer’s machines, the basic principle is the same.

Mecfab has the knowledge and technology to design and supply twin wire machines as per your required specifications.

Former Crescent machine

Mecfab has the knowledge and technology to design and supply crescent formers as per your required specifications. This kind of former was originally developped in the 1960s, but was protected by patent until the late 1980s, after which it rapidly spread throughout the tissue industry.

The crescent former can produce high quality light weight sheets such as facial and toilet grades at a very high-speed operation. The sheet is formed directly on the press felt around the forming roll. By forming the felt and carrying the sheet directly to the Yankee dryer, there is no need for pick-up roll or transfer box. You can get a crescent former with low capital equipment and operating cost for high efficiency operation.


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