Pâtes et Papiers

  • Mecfab design, build and install equipments
    for the paper and pulp industry
    Mecfab has the expertise and equipments required to design
    machine, assemble and install a complete section in the wet end of the machine
  • Mecfab's mission is to become a prosperous company
    by the increase of the industrial productivity
    of its customers in the pulp and paper industry.
  • We believe in complete partnership between
    our clients and our team of experts
  • We excel at coming up with unique approaches
    that are "made to measure", and that respect budgets
    and tight deadlines
Achievements - Integrated solutions
Board machine

Multiple layer

MULTILAYER MACHINE Mecfab has experience in the design and the fabrication of headbox and fourdrinier machines for a multilayer application. In a multilayer headbox, the stock of a tissue machine can be divided into two or three layers. This allows for the characteristics of the paper to be adjusted. For example, one layer can be produced from long-fiber pulp to add strength, while the other layer can be short-fiber pulp for softness. When the web leaves the drying section, it can be reeled so that the soft side is uppermost and the strong side underneath, allowing the softness-strength requirement to be met in the optimum way. Mecfab fabricated a new complete multilayer machine with a front lift cantilever fourdrinier, MWN suction breast roll, suction pick-up, press section, Yankee framing, UHLE box, felt roll, automatic air guide, stretcher, suction press roll and accessories.


Multiply machine

Mecfab has experience in the design and the fabrication of headboxes and fourdriniers for a multiply application. We have even produced a machine with 4 layers formed together, with a cantilevered fourdrinier, 4 air pad headboxes, 3 presses double felt, two pulpers and a 7,500 PLI calender.



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