Pâtes et Papiers

  • Mecfab design, build and install equipments
    for the paper and pulp industry
    Mecfab has the expertise and equipments required to design
    machine, assemble and install a complete section in the wet end of the machine
  • Mecfab's mission is to become a prosperous company
    by the increase of the industrial productivity
    of its customers in the pulp and paper industry.
  • We believe in complete partnership between
    our clients and our team of experts
  • We excel at coming up with unique approaches
    that are "made to measure", and that respect budgets
    and tight deadlines
Achievements - Custom design

Press sections

PRESS SECTIONS This part of a paper machine is located between the fourdrinier and the dryer section. Water is removed from the wet web by passing it between rolls and felts while applying a combination of pressure and vacuum. Mecfab has unparalleled experience with completely new press sections, separate replacement components and rebuilds. Press Section technical sheet OUR REALISATIONS: Rebuilt Existing Press Sections (PDF) 2 Presses for Sanitary Products (PDF) NIP COMBI Press with complete framing for Fine Paper (PDF) 3 Presses for Linerboard (PDF).


HYDRO ENTANGLING UNIT The Mecfab hydro-entangling unit consists in a mild steel framing completely pre-assembled in out shop. We can supply all various equipments added to the unit, such as the vacuum boxes, showers, manifold and rolls. We then break down the pre-assembled unit for transportation. A HET unit can accept a dry or wet formed continuous web. The HET system can be used on a single layer or dual layer web. After the web has been hydroentangled, it can be further treated by pressing, drying, and winding. The hydroentanglement process can impart textile-like properties to a nonwoven web (softness, drape and bulk) as well increase the strength and elongation of the web. Mecfab works in partnership with Glens Falls Inteweb on the production and conception of many specialized equipment machines. Our partnership is very strong for HET units, as it was for the following realisations. OUR REALISATIONS: H.E.T. Unit for Special Products (PDF) H.E.T. Unit for Sanitary Products (PDF).


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