Industrie Lemieux
Pièces en acier inoxydables

  • Specialist in the manufacturing
    of stainless steel components
    At Lemieux Industry, we are taking full advantage of new technologies
    which are repositioning our industry in the new economy and on international markets.
  • Producing custom stainless steel fabrications
    which are precisely adapted to the specific needs
  • A highly qualified and experienced team
    of welders and fabricators
    Our high-precision connector welders are used in a number of sectors, including mining
    pulp and paper, architecture, water treatment, breweries, chemicals, and agriculture
  • We are one of the most efficient and best-placed
    companies in the North American market.
Pulp and paper

The choice of a welded link units and the welding method are dependent on three main considerations:

The importance of the link unit in terms of strength, tension, torque and shear.
The importance of aesthetics: is it necessary to protect exterior surfaces against marks, color changes, etc.
The importance of the overall dimensions: is the link unit to be used in a small space or within an assembly?

The choice of appropriate welding method: the thickness and composition of the base part determines the welding method to be used

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